Deng and Xia Survived with Covid-19

Lately there is a virus that could be considered deadly at the end of December 2019, this virus first spread in Wuhan, China.  In Wuhan there is a sad story from the two girls who were affected by the corona virus, these two people were Deng Danjing and Xia by the side.The main idea of this article is two people who are sick with the corona virus and their stories are survived, if the message from the author is to take care of yourself in a deadly virus outbreak lately.Both of these women are parents working in the field of doctors and children of each of these parents are also doctors. 

What is the same between these two mothers is they both got covid, and when exposed to corona they only told their children to work hard,  same have 29 old, have small children and husband. What was different from them was that Deng was hospitalized to prevent the spread of the virus to her husband and children, while Xia was hospitalized and Xia also gave information to her husband about how to prevent the Covid 19 virus, and Deng did not inform her husband.For my feelings, I should be more alert because my current condition is a dry cough. I have to be more vigilant about things like eating a lot and not touching my family’s body.I became isolated at home and rarely touched my family and also ate a lot of vegetables.

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